ACT Now! Justice for PFC. LaVena Lynn Johnson

LaVena Lynn Johnson, a 19 year old private stationed in Iraq died in July of 2005. Upon her death, the army officially declared that Ms. Johnson’s death was self inflicted; “a suicide”.  This was a claim quickly refuted by her family.

There is belief that due to the numerous discrepancies and evidence from two autopsies, that an reopening of the case and investigation should be granted immediately.

Justice for PFC. LaVena Lynn Johnson is 7 years overdue and the outcry for vindication has not ceased. Political, Military, Civil, and International supporters are currently mobilizing to reestablish media attention to her death and other “Non-combat” related military deaths of women.

This fight is unmovable. It would be simply unpatriotic for many of us as United States Citizens and inhuman for others to not stand up for those who have stood up for us.

Moreover, American Women are courageously entering into the armed forces with the hopes of serving and protecting their fellow Americans only to be faced with degradation, rape, torture and sometimes murder by the hands of their fellow comrades and people that they have been committed to protect; as in this case of Ms. Johnson.

We should be bound to their plight as well. We need to demand Justice and accountability for all the wrongs that have been done to American female military and request new defenses be set in place to protect them.

Please help in this endeavor. These sins have got to be eradicated and forced to never occur again. Justice must be found for PFC. LaVena Johnson and her family, our Constitution demands it.

How many more Americans will be lost at our own hands?

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