I am NOT Nameless!

I am NOT Nameless!

I am someones daughter. I am someones mother. I have sisters and brothers! I have a face.

I am NOT Nameless!

I am a soldier! I am a fighter! I am a woman, a daughter.  I am a Human Being!

I am NOT Nameless!

I am recognizable.  I am REAL, I am NOT invisible. I have a name!

Who said that I did not exist?

Who said that I was not present?

(They lied)..(They lied)..They lie.

I am NOT Nameless!

I have a face with a voice that speaks. I have a story that wails out LOUD cries.

I am NOT Nameless!

Listen to me. Hear (ME)

Death may hold me captive, but my truth forever flies free.


Please support the investigation into the deaths of Military Women who have died in “Non-combat” suspicious related incidents. Sign the ACT Now! Petition