Trayvon Martin vs. PFC Johnson, LaVena Lynn


image LaVena Johnson and Trayvon Martin

Poetry by Luke Easter

Weeks later & the plight of Trayvon is still gathering steam,
Around the globe, the entire world, we have heard and seen,
Thousands of comments, protest marches, enter the, “DOJ,”
Almost 7 years (July 19, 2005) since LaVena passed away.

Johnson resided in an area safer than any gated community,
She was a soldier in the military protected by the U.S. Army,
Not just one neighborhood watch as everyone packed a gun,
And it was the findings of the, “DOJ” what an M-16 had done.

Arms were too short to hold against her body & pull the trigger,
Beaten, teeth cracked, body set on fire, suicide, yeah, go figure,
Not to mention sexually violated but lye destroyed all the DNA,
Despite factual evidence against the findings her case went away.

There is a documentary that in detail outlines the impossibility,
That, no matter how it is interpreted no way could this PFC,
Have committed all the atrocities against herself and still been,
Able to drag herself from A to B and bring her life to an end.

Young innocent body enclosed in a casket draped by a U.S. Flag,
Initial reports of a self inflicted gunshot given to her mom & dad,
She was not wearing a, “Hoodie” but donned armed forces green,
Such traumatic violence in my entire life I have never, ever seen.

Well, not at the hands of one’s self as only others could inflict,
So much damage, that is unless she was a magician, neat trick,
Actually not whereas she suffered death did not the stunt fail?
While multitudes want Zimmerman arrested and thrown in jail.

Where were Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton and others in the fight?
They attended Michael Jackson’s funeral another photo opt right?
This is in no way to diminish the injustice done to Trayvon Martin,
But, why not the same support for PFC Johnson, LaVena Lynn?

By Luke Easter