What Happens in Iraq, Stays in Iraq: Remembering Lavena Johnson

Thank you Prof Susurro for giving us a better understanding of the Politics of Military Cover-Ups. This article was posted in 2010.

Like a Whisper

This is a post in progress. Trigger warning for rape survivors, some descriptions are graphic.


I’ve spent most of the morning trying to write a post about the contrast in attention in Hollywood to stories about murdered male soldiers and raped and/or murdered female ones. My main argument is that white male soldiers exemplify a narrative about the nation and citizenship that makes their stories reaffirm “americanness” even as many of their stories also critique war in general and especially the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and I will continue to include Iraq until every soldier and government paid mercenary has left). Stories about female soldiers however challenge notions about gender and the nation by subverting the strong white male in uniform with a normative gender crossing female face (since the definition of masculinity being sold here is one that depends on pretty girlfriends and wives who stay…

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