Thank you for your support!

The parents of LaVena Lynn Johnson

Linda and Dr. John Johnson (The parents of LaVena Lynn Johnson)

Dear Friends,
As you can see this has been a long and hard fight to get justice for young American citizens serving our country in a system, which is riddled with corruption and cover ups. There is no common
courtesy  or respect those individuals being abused and assaulted, while serving American in the system, which is suppose to defend our right for freedom and justice. But as you can see, we are
winning these small battles, but the war is continuing. Our forces are increasing as the consciousness of good American citizens are rising to the point of wanting to see justice for all citizens.  And soon
or later truth and justice will prevail.
My family and I thank all of you for your support and your effort in this matter.
With Sincere love,
Dr. John. Linda and the rest of the Johnson family