What’s her strategy?

It's Time to ACT Now! Claire

It’s Time to ACT Now! Claire

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has been influential in the battle against Sexual Abuse in the Military. She has helped change legislation within the Annual Defense Bill that will have an overwhelming impact on Military injustices. There is no denying that she is one of the main crusaders against MST (Military Sexual Trauma) and a powerful ally for Women Rights, Civil Human Rights and Veteran Rights, but will she help PFC. LaVena Lynn Johnson?

In Senator Claire McCaskill’s recent argument to the Senate, Claire states:

“This debate has been about one thing-getting the policy right to best protect and empower victims, and boost prosecutions of predators. I believe we’re on the cusp of achieving that goal. The Senate has voted to strengthen even further what is now one of the most victim-friendly justice systems in the world. I’m eager to continue working closely with my colleagues such as Senators Levin, Ayotte, and Fischer-and with Senator Gillibrand who has been instrumental in focusing the nation’s attention on addressing this critical topic-to aggressively and vigilantly implement these reforms and turn the corner in our shared battle to curb sexual assaults in the ranks.”                                                                                         -Sen. Claire McCaskill

What Sen. McCaskill said was beautiful and what her bipartisan bill will do is historic, however I can’t help but hope that all she has fought for while in office has been a carefully planned out strategy to help PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson.

You see what most of you may not know is, that before Senator Claire McCaskill became the Prestigious Power Player of Congress that she is now, she embarked on something unusual and groundbreaking for her time; and being the first Woman Senator from Missouri; you may think that she would do her best to not ruffle any “Good Ol Boys”, but she did.

In 2007 when she was just a freshman Senator and a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCaskill commented on a televised KMOV News Story featuring the investigation into the death of PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson.

“We’ve gotta find the truth about what happened to this young lady. Her family deserves that at a minimum, and we need to know in terms of keeping the armed services accountable”-Sen. Claire McCaskill

This was the first time that Senator Claire McCaskill had spoken publicly about LaVena Lynn Johnson and unfortunately the last time she spoke outwardly of her on record.

In some points of view, one may think that in 7 years Sen. Claire McCaskill definitely would have voiced more concern about LaVena, especially since the case of LaVena includes all Military injustices and more than half of the featured causes on the Senator’s platform. Actually, most of all the military concerns that have been raised in the last 10 years and specifically the wave of Military Sexual Abuse discussions and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) conversations that have been constant on the Congress floor; are all relevant with what happened to PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson.

Maybe, one would think that since PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson was the first African-American Woman from Claire’s home state (Missouri) that died in Iraq and because she was raped, inhumanely brutalized, tortured and killed during her time in the Army, devalued, subjected to harsh lies and inflammatory remarks after death, and forced treatment unacceptable for any Military Service Man or Woman, and especially a 19-year-old American girl; One would possibly assume that the case of LaVena would undeniably be at the forefront of the Senator’s political fights. Is it? There should be no doubt considering Sen. McCaskill’s record that PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson represents everything she stands for, right? So, is it possible that silence has been apart of the Senator’s hidden motive for justice for LaVena? Senator McCaskill, has keeping Silent all this time been your motive for defeat against what happened to our LaVena?

Senator McCaskill, when you aggressively questioned the Department of Defense officials about their indiscretions with KBR and their “loose” spending habits with the contractors, were you secretly bringing attention to LaVena? We all know that her body was found in a KBR contractors tent.

Senator McCaskill, while standing beside President Obama in support of the Affordable Health Care Act, and your plight for fully funding of healthcare for the VA, were you thinking about LaVena? Have you ever had thoughts of what would have become of her? and what type of medical support she would have received if she had survived from her injuries?

Senator Claire McCaskill, now that this legislation for the Bipartisan Bill has been approved and victims of Military Sexual Abuse will be protected, statutes of Limitations of rape and assault cases will be eliminated, and Persecutors of Military Sexual Crimes will be prosecuted no matter how high-ranking; now that it’s all out in the open, can we finally have justice for LaVena Lynn Johnson? I understand now. I figured it out and I am sure other American’s will too. You’ve been fighting for her the whole time but NOW it’s okay to stop, you won and you can say her name again and bring her criminals to justice.

Jessica Williams (Ambassador for LaVena Lynn Johnson)