“The Silent Truth” Full Documentary finally released!!!

 — We are pleased to announce that complete documentary “The Silent Truth” is now available for online streaming and purchase!

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The Silent Truth by Joan Brooker-Marks

Plot SummaryThe Silent Truth

Ninety-four US military women in the military have died in Iraq or during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). ‘The Silent Truth’ tells the story of one of these women, PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson, who was found dead on Balad Air Force Base in Iraq. The army claimed she shot herself with her own M16 rifle, but forensic evidence, obtained by the Johnson family through the Freedom of Information Act, brings the army’s findings into question. The Army refuses to re-open LaVena Johnson’s case, leaving the family in limbo. ‘The Silent Truth’ follows the Johnson’s pursuit of justice and truth for their daughter.

Released: 2014