ACT Now! Justice for PFC. LaVena Lynn Johnson

LaVena Lynn Johnson, a 19 year old private stationed in Iraq died in July of 2005. Upon her death, the army officially declared that Ms. Johnson’s death was self inflicted; “a suicide”.  This… Continue reading

“The Silent Truth” Full Documentary finally released!!!

 — We are pleased to announce that complete documentary “The Silent Truth” is now available for online streaming and purchase! iTunes ( Amazon ( Google Play ( The Silent Truth by Joan Brooker-Marks Plot… Continue reading

“The VERDICT” Independent film by Stanlee Ohikhuare

Short film by Stanlee Ohikhuare “The Verdict” takes a very unique approach to the death of PFC LaVena Lynn Johnson. Powerful and Gripping. *Graphic* but please watch.   More on the film and… Continue reading

What’s her strategy?

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill has been influential in the battle against Sexual Abuse in the Military. She has helped change legislation within the Annual Defense Bill that will have an overwhelming impact on… Continue reading

Mass PUSH to all Supporters

Let’s get ready to PUSH! It’s that time again to put our ACT Now! Movement into ACTION! This Monday (March 10, 2014) We are asking for all supporters to contact Missouri  Senator Claire… Continue reading

We are still here!

The beauty of being human is that sometimes we are giving opportunities that test all that we assumed we were. Our thoughts and beliefs are challenged and our strength and courage is questioned.The… Continue reading

Justice For LaVena Johnson: Raped & Murdered Or Suicide? The Evidence Says One Thing; U.S. Military Says Another

Justice For LaVena Johnson: Raped & Murdered Or Suicide? The Evidence Says One Thing; U.S. Military Says Another Article written by April Dawn at “The Source”.  Thank you so much April!

LaVena’s Letters

  Keep Fighting!!! Keep Pushing!!! Keep Believing in LaVena! #Justice4LaVena Join the movement ACT Now!!

Thank you for your support!

Dear Friends, As you can see this has been a long and hard fight to get justice for young American citizens serving our country in a system, which is riddled with corruption and… Continue reading

What Happens in Iraq, Stays in Iraq: Remembering Lavena Johnson

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This is a post in progress. Trigger warning for rape survivors, some descriptions are graphic. unattributed I’ve spent most of the morning trying to write a post…

Have You Heard The Story of LaVena Johnson?

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Have you heard of the story of LaVena Johnson? LaVena Johnson was a soldier who enlisted in the Army in 2003. She was the first woman from…