Happy Birthday LaVena!!!!! July 27, 2013

A Moment of Silence

A Moment of Silence

This year we commemorated LaVena’s Birthday by observing a “National Moment of Silence”! The event was successful and world-wide. We gained countless followers as well as Media coverage:

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Happy Birthday LaVena!!!!! July 27, 2012

Bending without Breaking

Sometimes the Universe can do unexplainable and incomprehensible things to our lives. Natural Disasters like Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or Earthquakes unexpectedly erupt and suddenly we are left dazed and confused. We’re lifted and twisted, turned and sometimes torn. Some of us are uprooted and lost. But, there are those who weather the storm. There are those who hang on until the calm arrives. We bend without breaking.  We sway with the winds and bow to the earth. We kneel to which we don’t understand. We Bend Without Breaking, Staying grounded and connected yet aware.

Sway with the Wind…

Dr. Johnson, I know that this is a difficult time for you, Linda, and the family…But, know that there are those who are made strong by your strength. We admire your courage and have learned how to bend just as you do, and are holding on tightly to you and with you in this storm.

Love you both, Jessica.

Happy Birthday LaVena!!   (ACT Now! Facebook Birthday Comments)

“I want LaVena’s family to know that we all love her, and we are fighting every day to stop the sexual crimes against men and women in our armed forces. We will be her voice. Never will she be forgotten.”  Kathy Lehman

Happy Birthday LaVena…..God knows what happened to you and we will continue to seek the truth to clear your name and reputation. We Love You! And to her parents and family…Stay strong!” Penny Shay

“Happy Birthday…Not Forgotten…..we will not rest until we get justice. Solution Driven….” Tara Jones

“What LaVena wants for her birthday is JUSTICE!!!- LaVena’s fate was a terrible one,what is truly terrible is that our service men and women are STILL in peril,today to this ongoing atrocity.” Leon Morton

“Happy birthday, LaVena Lynn Johnson, and Thank You!” Melody Haislip

“As both a mother and a MST survivor, watching this made me shudder and break down into tears! I swear to stand by her family until justice is served!!!!” Stephanie Grant

“Happy Birthday LaVena!!!! We know that You’re still here…and we won’t stop fighting with you!!! Still seeing through the tears and the pain but standing as strong as ever.” Mantra Lotus

“I will always be thinking of you in this fight for justice LaVena. I stand with ALL military sexual trauma survivors, and those that did not survive. I will help you speak.” Jen Norris

“Happy Birthday Battle. You are truly missed, angel. May God Bless your family with swift justice in Jesus name I pray! Amen!”  Ayana MzLotus Powell”Happy bday” Kenny Mann”Happy Birthday.” Kellina Vanpool

“RIP and thank you for your sacrifice.” Jan Blank

“No more tears, no more suffering. LaVena is in God’s glorious Kingdom doing God’s work now. God bless her family. Salute sister ♥”  Bobbie Jo McKinney

Happy birthday to my Veteran sister. May God bless your family. Rest in Heavenly peace! ♥  Lisa Willis Groves

“Happy Birthday LaVena. Wish you were here to celebrate it.” Darlene C. Matthews