Why People Are Signing

I Signed Because:

“My daughter dreams is to serve her country she 14 now ………But this could be her in 5 yrs….


“As a proud, U. S. Navy Veteran, this is wrong and can not continue, nor be ignored. Our service women in the military deserve better.”

“Women in the military should only have to fear our nation’s enemies, not the people they serve with.”

We have to put an end to this. I am sure this is the tip of the iceberg. These past 10 years of War have taken part of our Humanity. I advise women not to go to the war zones. The danger is not from the natives.

I’m signing because when I heard this story, I was broken and appalled but NOT surprised by these findings. The military was NOT designed to cover up atrocities and murders; yet to “protect”, or so I believ(ed). Lavena needed protection from the very “system” she sacrificed her life for. Praying for COMPLETE Justice for her family and others like her.


I and we have all too often heard the rallying cry and call that “WE must bring outlaws, bandits, terrorists, perpetrators, and world leaders, etcetera, etc .etc. to JUSTICE!”. All the while Many wonder where exactly does this point of and position of justice live and exist? At this time and at this juncture that call for justice demanded in defense of “freedom”, and in defending actions cannot be held high as a banner of righteous moral character or superior civility and Humane Rights.

This once more is a time in which we are All standing at the crossroads. And yet once more and Again – the Children, Women, Men, and many Innocents are standing in the Cross Hairs under the Cross Fire, in the line of sight of those who do not mean them well; and still yet others who will not and refuse to protect them.
Let this not be the continuing Legacy…. of rich words and poor judgement, poor character, poor leadership, and an absence of moral standing, love, peace, compassion and humane human dignity.

If there is NO Justice to be found for a Woman, a Daughter, a Soldier, a Person like and such as Lavena Lynn Johnson, then Where exactly does Justice exist? and Where is that all elusive Justice to be found??

Peace & Blessings
I Am Sincerely ~ David A. N.Jackson

I am the survivor of more than one MST in the 70’and dealt with a “hostile work environment” and harassment. Was not offered consoling until 2010 despite chronic self destructive behavior and several suicide attempts. My first attack happened during my deployment. I was the only female MP in country